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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

9:24 AM

Layered Nightmares on Elm Street

Last night I fell asleep on the couch watching CSI:Miami. It was the crossover episode where they introduce the cast of the new CSI:New York premiering in the fall. I wake up around 11:20, cursing myself for missing the ending and perform my nightly ritual before getting in bed.

Some time later I realize that I am having trouble falling back to sleep and notice a bit of wind blowing the little bit of hair on my freshly shaved head. It felt like millions of tiny bugs crawling over my cranium and down my back. Suddenly there is something in the bed with me - around me like a vice.

What I can only describe as arms and legs were tightly around my torso, crossed, and allowing me little movement. I start fighting it, struggling to get free. What now seemed like some type of insectoid appendages close the vice tighter securing me further.

My cell phone brings me back to some sort of reality. Ringing only once, it was enough to make me grab it off the nightstand. After unlocking the phone, I notice that there is no missed call. I fumble with it further, knowing I had heard it ring and wondering why the caller ID didn't capture the call. I dose back to sleep and the creatures return on my head. Now it feels like there are even more. Unsuccessfully I try and capture one of these little bastards.

Then I sit straight up in bed. I think of my phone and try to locate it in the bed. I move the covers around but can't find it. I figured it would turn up and decide to go ahead and get up as sleep was not working. It felt like it was time to get up anyway. As I step out of bed I notice the clock - 2:45...damn.

I stumble into the living room, turn on the TV, and fall onto the couch. That was when I noticed the phone on top of the bookcase with the charger plugged in. Revelations explode in my head upon the thoughts of layered nightmares. At least I had heard the phone...

My curosity got the better of me as I want, I need, to know who called. As I pick up the phone, before I even unlock it, I notice that there are NO MISSED CALLS.

Damn, what a night on Elm Street in Elizabethton, TN.

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