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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

11:47 PM


The comment section is back up and running. I have decided to go back to YACCS commenting system after a brief change to a new system that had lots of eye candy, but over all were hard to keep up with the flow of the comments. Welcome Back YACCS!

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

3:31 PM

27 - Tremendous Band / Tremendous Show

Orginally Posted at Team Rock

Monday Feb 22 - Heather's HideAway

First Dana Seals and the Robots started off the show. I personally thought she did a wonderful job. It was just her on her acoustic guitar and one other on a snare drum. She gave tremendous effort and reminded me of the girl in the movie Chasing Amy.

Neverbefore came on the stage next. They did an abridged set and they sounded better than anytime I have seen them before. They picked up the beat and jammed out the 8.5' monster song to wrap up their set.

27 went on next. Where to begin? Wow. First let me back up a bit. When I arrived I wandered over to their merch table and began browsing over their CD's for sale. They had all their albums I mentioned in the other post. I couldn't decide which ones I wanted - so I just got them all. The total of my purchase was $27, go figure. Those that know me will note that I usually do not buy this many CDs at a show, so now I won't be buying anymore for a few weeks. They also had some free sample CDs they were giving away and Ayal gave me another sample CD that had Isis, the group taking them to already sold out shows in Japan in about a month, just so I could get a sample of them. Thanks Ayal!!

One of the CD's they were signing for me was mostly black (Songs From the Edge of the Wing) and I dug out my silver sharpie. This was the first time any of them had seen a silver sharpie and they kept commenting on it. After they finished signing the CDs I told Maria that they could keep the sharpie. She was so appreciative they she got me to sign the pen with my black sharpie. When they took the stage the first song was The Cause (one of the songs in the download section of Team Rock). The third song she dedicated to me - for the silver sharpie - from the new release Let the Light In and the song was Every Day. The rest of the set was filled with both new and older songs that each had their own unique style. One minute it would be hypnotic and serene and the next they were blistering the guitars. They even had the crickets accompanying the song off their second album Animals. After the show Maria still wanted to so something for me giving her the silver sharpie and told me that she would send me some of their posters that they forgot to bring to the show. This was going well beyond anything I had meant to come about for giving a $1.00+ silver sharpie. What a great group!

Descolada out of Asheville was next. They agreed to go on after 27 because the show got off to a late start and 27 had traveled so much in past few days. This show was fantastic! They have a really progressive sound and great musical sounds mixed in with hard and heavy riffs. My favorite parts were the violin powered over the other sounds. The violin gave their music a bigger than life quality and really set the other music off nicely. Bravo!

At this point there was still one group left that I didn't know was on the bill but I couldn’t stay any longer.

If you missed 27's show make sure you catch them when they return. They said they definitely would be back.

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