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Thursday, August 14, 2003

7:59 PM

Flood Picture Related Entry

The pictures were a combination of pictures that various city employees took. I was in the Excursion when that picture was taken. We were placed there to block off that point of the Downtown Loop. We watched horrified as our tax dollars were wasted when the firetrucks arrived, the extention ladder extended to the 30 something guy, and the resources wasted on someone stuck in 3+ feet of water with little current. Oh well, good practice for the firefighters if a real emergency presented itself... So, yes it was work related - as we couldn't survey very well in that kind of rainfall so we had free time
that day to help.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

2:22 PM

Shaka and the Rains Came

On August 8th, Johnson City received over 5" of rain in under 24hrs. Here is the results of such a deluge. Keep in mind, that Johnson City has previosly broke records for both June and July for precipatation for those months, so everything was really saturated.

Before Dawn, the Rains Came

Buffalo River (Where it runs past the golf course)

Downtown Loop - Our Surveying vehicle (Excursion) can be seen in the distance.
We used it to close the road off from all the idiots who thought their cars could float

Submerged Van - This guy had to be rescued from 3' of water with little current and his van towed

State of Franklin Lake

Another shot of State of Franklin Lake

West Watauga @ State of Franklin


12:01 AM


No - I haven't gotten the pictures worked yet. I went to BMS (Bristol Motor Speedway) today with ROCK and watched a little testing by a few teams. Most notable moment was shaking Michael Waltrip's hand and wishing him good luck this weekend in Michigan and next weekend in Bristol. Oh well, time to head in - gotta sleep, long day tomorrow. Since payday is Thursday, I have to come up with a way to get money to see dOWNBLEED and company tomorrow night at Poor Richards. Appropriate - 'cause right now I am poor. Try to get the pics soon.

Monday, August 11, 2003

8:32 AM

Flood Pictures - Coming Soon

I can almost feel the anticipation because I finally have some pictures of the flood. I will post them later today, when I get them uploaded to my storage space. I have to rework the pictures so they are not so friggin big - that is the delay. Also, I have a bunch, so I will just post the better (worse) pictures for now and may add a few later. Everybody hold a collective breath as they will be up soon.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

9:23 PM

More pics from Chicago

Yes - this is some more filler material. I am going to put some EXCLUSIVE pictures from the great flood of Johnson City tomorrow (hopefully) - and get back into a rhythm of sorts in my posting of my "rambling" through life - Until then, enjoy these...taken with my digital camera in my binoculars...

Rex and Dave outside the Pickwick

Lighthouse from boat taxi

Big sailboat from boat taxi

Another big boat from boat taxi

The original Uno's - the birth of deep dish pizza

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