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Thursday, July 31, 2003

8:45 AM

UBER Dweeb (or Damn, My Dogs are Really Barking Right Now)

A Chicago picture with the UBER dweeb! Ha! Thanks to my Jaded partner in crime through downtown Chicago for sending this picture of me in my utmost dweebyness!

Monday, July 28, 2003

1:17 PM

It is good to be from an American Family

I found this piece of weird news while browsing the INTERNET. It is from our favorite place these days, Iraq.

On May 25 in the town of Baqubah, Iraq, Ms. Iman Salih Mutlak, 22, was gunned down by U.S. soldiers, who said she relentlessly charged at them, despite orders to halt, intending to explode the 10 grenades she was carrying. While some Iraqis treated her as a courageous martyr, her family in Zaqaniyah, Iraq, was disgusted with her, not because they are pro-American, but because she shamed them by leaving home without permission. Said her father, to an Associated Press reporter in May, "Had she returned home, I would have killed her myself and drunk her blood." [Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle-AP, 5-31-03]

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

5:21 PM

Weekend Road Trip to see Lennon

Rex, CroMag, and myself left Saturday morning to venture into the unknowns of Kentucky to see Lennon Murphy play in Richmond, KY. The trip went pretty much uneventful until we stopped in Corbin, KY to eat at the original KFC. That is when the debacle began.

It all started out innocently enough. We were walking into the Kentucky Fried Chicken and Cafe and Rex wants to get a picture taken at the KFC monument. . (Rex and CroMag)The place was suprisingly modern on one side of the cafe and on the other it was pretty much a museum with tables. Rex got laughed at by a bunch of young boys for reading all the plaques and pictures. After we ate lunch, Rex said he wanted a picture with the Colonel. A life size statue of the Colonel was placed on a bench and Rex sat down next to it. An elderly lady was walking by as Rex started patting the Colonel's leg (in that special way) and gave a look of disgust that I have only seen a few times before. I almost couldn't take the picture I was laughing so hard. After we left the KFC cafe we headed back toward I-75. We noticed how our area wasn't that bad after all as we noticed Corbin for seemingly the first time. We kept trying compare Corbin to somewhere in this area "Elizabethton? No. Erwin? No. Unicoi? Maybe. Stoney Creek? Yes!" At least the part of Corbin we saw didn't look to promising. Now before I have all the Stoney Creek people mad at me - Stoney Creek is not a corporated city, it does not have the first KFC, and Stoney Creek has some beautiful countrysides with the Hoston Mtns reminding us why our mountains are called blue ridge.

When we reach Richmond, KY (Home to Eastern Kentucky University),we head over to the side of town where MF Hooligans is located. Of course the club is closed and does not open until 8pm (at this time it was roughly 5pm). We take a stroll around the block scouting where to go before the club opens and notice (from first glance) what looks like a good place to shoot pool (more on this place in a bit), great beer specials (happy hour) at The Buddha Belly, and a small little dive that had the best sign of the trip. I am not sure who John Worley is, but someone was suprisly glad to see them play at the little bar. After the small walk , we head to the Motel and check in. We get settled and realize that we are all getting thirsty. Richmond is a half wet and half dry town, so we had to drive to the campus side of town to get some tasty beverages (and also to save money [we think] at the bar). We find the liquor store (only place they sell beer there) and all come walking out with a six pack, a bag of ice, and a smile. I notice a worker bitching as I am walking out. He said, "Damn Drunk - He has been through this drive through 20 times today!" and of course, I had to ask, "Is there a limit?" He replied by saying, "Until you get too drunk to drive through, I suppose not." He must see just about everyone and everything being one of the only places to buy beer to take home. His flunky (behind the counter) looked like he was wired up on some kind of drug. His eyes were wide and jittery, but his demeanor was lethargic and spacy. We head back to the Motel and line up a CAB to take us over to MF Hooligans.

After we there, the club is still closed so we decide to shoot some pool at the place we had seen earlier. We walk in the CroMag says "Mel's Diner!" This place looked great from the outside, but inside is was a greasy spoon (but this place looked like it hadn't been cleaned in quite sometime) with pool tables in the back. We decide pretty quickly that we do not want to stay here and head over to the other side of MF Hooligans - to The Buddha Belly! Now I was thinking that The Buddha Belly was going to be this sit down oriental type of restraunt. I was pleasantly surprised when we walked in to this pretty neat and clean bar that has live music as well. They were getting ready for a bluegrass band to play. We sat down at the bar and immediatly asked about the happy hour specials - a sign outside had clued us in. The bartender said it had just ended 5 minutes ago (we got there at 7:05pm). So ask what good local microbrews they have and he hands me a bottle of Kentucky Ale made in Lexington. Damn Fine Beer! As the three of us are drinking the local microbrew when I see a huge bottle of beer that I don't reconize. I ask the bartender to show me the beer and it is a 20oz beer for the price of regular (and it is an import too - looked japanese- and I cannot think of the name). So I try it for my next beer and we start talking to this cool guy who works as a slow motion technician for huge sporting events. He is the guy queing up all the instant replays and works freelance for ESPN, CBS, FOX, etc...

After we leave The Buddha's Belly we head over to the ATM for a quick splash of cash and head back to MF Hooligans. Being there early we are able to get choice seats (like we would use them after Lennon started - which we didn't) and started the rounds of pitchers. We drank them dry of Killians Red (which was 1.6 pitchers) and drank Amber Bock the rest of the night. I spotted Lennon over by the pool tables and had to go over and say hi. She was a little upset and told me that her guitar player had been out last night with someone who had gotten a DUI. He had only called 1hr previous to her tell her this (which would have been around 7pm) and said he could not make it to play.

Now let me back up a little bit. I had seen Lennon twice before and both times TECH was her guitar player. So I didn't even know who this guy was. Lennon goes on to say that TECH would be filling in for him (and Thank God he was around). I then ask her about the new album. I had looked for it where their stuff was for sale and didn't see it. :( She said that she had gotten word that they had finished mixing the last song (earlier on Saturday) and they now had to figure out if they were going to try and find another label or try and do it themselves.

After going back to the table and telling Rex and CroMag about the conversation, Rex asks me to take his art CD over to Lennon. She tells me how great the cover and inside art looks tells me to thank him. I let her know that she will probably meet him a bit later as he will be getting a shirt and will want her to sign it. After Rex got a little more liquid courage we go back over, she signs his shirt, and she thanks us again for making the trip up. Rex tells her it was our pleasure to make the trip to see her play and then quotes Harry Chapin. He said, "and as my favorite musician says - 'Go Do Something'" She then informs us that Harry Chapin is her favorite artist too. TIME FROZE (to people who know me - that will be funny ;) The music from the club was blaring and I wasn't sure I heard her correctly. Then she starts talking about the song 'Sniper' and shows Rex her tatoos on her wrist.

After we get back to the table, I ask Rex what she was saying about the tatoos on her wrist and, where the music was real loud, he didn't really catch it either. But I could not let it rest. I head back over and ask Lennon. She motions me back to the back area so she can tell me. She shows the tatoos again. On one wrist it was the letter "I" and on the other wrist it was the letters "AM", which were done nicely in some kind of pattern. She goes on to tell me that the song 'Sniper' (from Harry Chapin) is her favorite song. She says, "Remember when, in the song he is up in the tower..." and proceeds to quote lyrics from the song. This sends chills up my back because 'Sniper' is probably my favorite song as well and I tell her so. At the end of the song - just before the sniper is shot, he screams I AM - to her that was it and I agree. She also said that "somehow, someway - I will cover that song!" I can hardly wait to hear her do it.

Just after 9pm, Sway took the stage and put on a suprisingly strong performance. I suppose it is surprising because usually the first opening band (of 3) is local and still trying to find their way. These guys were local to Lexington but they have found everything as they rocked the club. Next was Circle Four. These guys were good too (sorry guys, I don't have a picture of them scanned). They only thing about them was I think the lead singer was trying too hard. He had a strong voice and the band played really well, but there was something I can only describe as not quite there yet. I see them only getting better though and they will be playing at the Sophisticated Otter again soon. I look forward to seeing these guys again and hope that they bring Sway with them!

Lennon exploded onto stage around 11pm. Rex, CroMag, and myself had moved to the front of the stage (the only times we left was the occasional beer run, which thankfully, was done by Rex.) Her first song was Property of Goatfuckerand as she went through songs I knew by heart and new songs I will know after her album is released, I couldn't help but think how much I had missed seeing one of her shows. During the breaks between songs she would talk a little, but while she has no problem singing in front of audiences, she is a little shy when she has to talk. I understand this perfectly.

During one of her songs, she knelt down on the side of the stage where I was standing and sang to me a little. I was floored and everybody else around me fizzled out until it was just the two of us. This lasted, oh about, 10 seconds, but it could have been an eternity.

The rest of the set was awesome. The only thing I missed was the keyboards. Afterward she told me that it had broken a few nights ago. (so there was no 5:30 Saturday Morning). Also afterwards she let me get a picture with her. Rex had to get just right angle from the camera so it took a little time extra - needless to say, I did not mind at all. Thanks Man! I was also waiting on the inevitable screaming from the bouncers that I heard last time I was at MF Hooligans, but it did not come. Finally at around 12:20am a person comes up to me and says that they really have to get everybody out and could we please wrap it up (which is the way it should be). I told them sure and started to leave. On the way out I go over to Lennon one last time and say good-bye. I figured by now I was starting to bug her, so I put up my hand to wave, but she reached over and gave me a long hug (which will not be forgotten).


Sunday, July 13, 2003

6:31 PM

Sign of the trip

Just returned from Richmond, KY to see Lennon in concert. More space will be filled soon, but first the sign of the trip...

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

11:39 PM

Revision of a previously written Poem

This is not for Pam, but I will wish her a happy birthday anyway - I am hopeful that she is happy and her baby healthy. :)

This I did back in 2000, and decided to revise it - this is the new version:

Light in the darkness
By Xyon

Breaking like waves of an ocean
Calming the stormy seas
I see your light in the darkness
And it carries me

When the darkness falls
And the tide comes in
I see your face
And it carries me

When the oceans are dark
And the sand is course
I feel you breathing on my neck
And it carries me

Breaking like waves of an ocean
Calming the stormy seas
There is your light in the darkness
And it carries me

When you are so far away
My past comes to life
Remembering your light
Carrying me

Just knowing your there
Just knowing you care
Letting your lighthouse steer my course
And it carries me

Breaking like waves of an ocean
Calming the stormy seas
There is your light in the darkness
And it carries me

(inspired by the song "Dante's Prayer" by Loreena McKennitt)
6-4-2000 / 7-8-2003

12:18 PM

Comment Section having issues - trying to debug the Situation

Having troubles with the comment section working with the new blogger. Leave your comment - I will have it worked out soon (I hope) - I should still get the comment when I get the code corrected.

Monday, July 07, 2003

10:36 PM

Birthdays and such

Yay - I have lived 31 years, but the LONG weekend started Thursday. I should as well....

Last Thursday I started my long weekend. With the 4th of July being on Friday this year - and my birthday falling on a Monday (two holidays that are given to me from work) - I decided to take Thursday off work as a vacation day. So I had a 5 day weekend ahead of me.

Wednesday night and Thursday night were spent at home - I had friends over and a movie was watched. Lone Star State of Mind was pretty interesting. It took every stereotype imaginable from Texas and threw it into one movie. The result was a damn funny movie. If you want a good laugh, pick it up.

Friday was the 4th. I went to see the PopTart Monkeys. They played their free show outside O'Charleys and there were loads of people there. REX rode with me over and we met ROCK. We ate dinner and before we finished, CroMag showed up. We sat and talked and drank our beers while waiting for the show to start. Ansley Roberts came over and let us in on a few upcoming shows that he was working on for the area. It looks like more good shows will be coming to the area (hopefully) - stay tuned to TEAM ROCK for more details as they become available!

This was the first time I had seen the Poptart Monkeys so I was really looking forward to the show. I was not disappointed as they rocked the stage. Their entire performace was mainly covers (which I would have rathered some more originals than the 3-4 they did) but I warmed up to them by their second set. I am sure the beer helped as well as they seemed to get better as the night went on. Good show though and I will see them again. Too bad I wil be at Dragon Con on the weekend they are scheduled to return.

Saturday night was spent with REX at the Sophisticated Otter watching the Running With Scissors and West Mary. I thought West Mary was pretty good, but Running With Scissors sounded like many college bands I had heard before. Not saying they were real bad, just not my cup of tea. I did appreciate the good looking women they seemed to draw. I had heard that the Blacksburg band were a big draw on lots of women and they did not disappoint. Earlier that day I spent at my folks as they had there annual 4th of July picnic (with overtones of my impending birthday thrown in). Good times were spent there as well.

Sunday was not real exciting. I stayed home most of the day until the evening. I watched The Wizard of Oz on the TCM. I recorded it with another classic that I will fill in the blank to when I remember it (and see it) and the original Invisible Man. Good viewing coming up. That evening I wandered back to Bristol and had dinner again (leftovers) with the folks. I made it back home just in time for my weekly bird chat on AOL. As I am going to bed (early Monday) I put in a tape to record South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut on Comedy Central. The reason I did this was because it was actually UNCUT. I think, for that reason alone and not so much the movie content, that it actually warped my fragile little mind.

Monday - me birthday and last day off - I meet ROCK and my former neighbor (whom I call Michael Waltrip, even though he is not) at Duck Duck Goose in downtown Betsy. This was a wonderful little place to eat. It is only open on during the week and Saturdays from 11am - 3pm, but well worth the trouble to make it there. Rock picked up my lunch (thanks man!) and they dropped me back off at my apt. I then headed in to JC to take care of some banking. My Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Mike sent me a nice check that I got to cash to help fund the Dragon Con Weekend! They are awesome! Before long I found myself down at the Sophisticated Otter drinking on some Michelob Ultra while waiting on the time to meet rock, Scott and Brea, one of our TEAM ROCK GIRLS, and her sister at Motos. Thanks go out to our Team Rock Girl for buying me dinner! That was anothe unexpected surprise and was greatly appreciated (as I have enough left for lunch tomorrow as well). After dinner Rock and I drifted over to Real to Reel theaters to see 28 Days Later the British film that set records at their box offices. The film was good from a story point of view, but was not real scary as it was promoted to be. But still a good film. When I returned home I found that I had stained my new shirt that my Mom got me for my birthday and have to put it straight into the laundry. Jerry Lewis' Noisy Eater comes to mind. What a classic album that was!

Just before I got to Motos, I went to Mr. K's used everything store and picked up the new Stone Barrington Novel by Stuart Woods named Dirty Work. So I will end my birthday by laying in bed reading my new novel as my eyes slowly start to fade. I get to go back to work tomorrow which will be hard. C'est la vie.

Oh, speaking of birthdays, I let my blog's one year anniversary slip by without even mentioning. Happy belated birthday Xyon's Rambles! You have seen me through a lot of shit over this past year - here is to lots more!

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