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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

2:01 PM

Last Nights Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Here are the comments I posted on Peter Davids Blog site concerneing last night Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Very interesting discussion going on over there. This past episode had a new BAD Preacher that reminded me of a movie I watched in my class Film Criticism... here are my comments from over there intertwined with quotes (in bold) from the 1955 movie Night of the Hunter that starred Robert Mitchum.

I had read somewhere about the new "Preacher" coming to town, but hadn't expected for him to be played that good and be so bad. There is a movie that came out in 1955 called The Night of the Hunter where Robert Mitchum plays a southern preacher with violent tendencies toward women (He liked to stab them). I couldn't get that character out of my mind and kept looking for L-O-V-E and H-A-T-E to show up on Caleb's Knuckles. I am not saying Joss and Co. ripped off that character (if anything paid homage to) but Preacher Caleb seems just as sick and twisted.

The Lord blinded mine enemies when they brought me in this evil place...I come not with peace, but with a sword...This sword has served me through many an evil time

Xander's eye-popping scene caught me off guard. I have been used to the main cast taking a beating, but generally always getting up and limping out - but generally being all right. I think it added a bit of much needed reality to the show. (I was on the edge of my seat yelling, "Oh my God, Son of a Bitch!")

Lord, I am tired. Sometimes I wonder if you really understand. Not that You mind the killin's. Yore Book is full of killin's. But there are things you do hate Lord: perfume-smellin' things, lacy things, things with curly hair.

Of Course this preacher is not praying to the Lord (technically neither was the other preacher), but the First looking like Buffy manipulating his needs by reliving his other conquests for him. I thought this was brilliant move to keeping him deeply in his mood of Evil. And didn't the First/Buffy ask him if he liked her hair?

A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit. Neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Wherefore by their fruits, ye shall know them.

I think Willow will not turn badass again, For if she did, she would be evil again and that is too much to resolve in 4 episodes. I think she will play a pivotal part in the end shows, but not like she was at the end of last season.

No, no. No little lamb. Don't touch it. Now, don't touch my knife. That makes me mad. That makes me very, very mad.

I found it interesting that Caleb said that he had ruined a very good knife in the potential slayer he stabbed in the truck. Goes to show that he thinks he is invincible - and from the strength he showed in the battle he very well may be damn near. Nathan Fillion (in an interview over at Zap2it.com) said THE fight scene in the show took them 4 days to film because it had to be perfect. I'd say they got it right.

Oh, them poor little lambs. To think I never hoped to see them again in this world. No, dear Madam, if you was to know what a crown of thorns I've borne in my search for them stray chicks.

Caleb and Co. may not have to search as hard as the Preacher in The Night of the Hunter but I felt it wonderful episode and it just proves that they haven't forgotten how to make a good show. I am a film studies minor and watched Mitchum's movie about a month or so ago. I recommend it highly.

What is the deal with 2 more friggin weeks??? That sucks, man.


Saturday, April 05, 2003

3:00 AM

One More Try

Ok --

The link I have been trying to post is for the band who will be playing at the Sophisticated Otter on Thursday April, 17. Here I go again...

Hot Action Cop

Hopefully that worked. You can sample some of their music at that site. It should be a good show.

2:56 AM


Two times now I try and make a post with a html link and I forgot one simple thing...BUT instead of being able to delete the post, the edit button is now the link I was trying to post with everything else from the rest of my written blog...I will try ONE more time for this specific link, which now seems not that important, except that is driving me crazy.....shit fire and save the matches....

2:49 AM

Somehow I screwed up the last post -- I had put this ---

Hot Action Cop will be playing at the Sophisticated Otter on Thursday - April 17....should be a pretty good show. Here is the link to their website -

Friday, April 04, 2003

2:37 PM


Hot Action cop (

1:19 PM


Lennon Murphy (her band name is LENNON) - has a new web site. It was lennononline.com but they are converting things over to the new site lennonmurphy.com. I recommend everyone to look at this site. Lennon is one of my favorite artists that hasn't made it big yet, but she is working hard at it. If you join the membership on the site (which is free) you are able to get to sections that you can't if you don't. One of the things you are able to do by signing up is to be able to download her new song "Nothing Out of Me" from her forthcoming album "I Am".......check her out...

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