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Friday, March 07, 2003

1:36 PM

Iraq 2003

Here is a letter I composed to a professor at ETSU concerning the Iraq situation.

This past week has been one of turmoil and worrisome for my mind. With the prospect of war looming over the country and the immense evil of Saddam Hussein stringing along the puppets of the once great United Nations, my attentions have been wavered from what my responsibilities are suppose to be focused on. I find myself listening to the radio all day to stay current in hopes that something good will be brought forth from something with such world, if not biblical, implications. Even the President of our great country is showing signs that he his being worn down by the past few months. As I listened to most of the press conference Thursday night I could not help think that, with the help of the press, George W. Bush was going to be highly criticized and belittled as he was subjected to, at times, intentional questions that ambushed his intentions to be as honest and forthcoming with the nation as possible. It is hard to believe that one person could rip the world leaders apart to the degree that Hussein has. As I write this I am listening to the United Nation security meeting where the inspectors are reporting their latest findings and it doesn't look like they are not going to side with Washington, yet again. It is very troublesome to me to see the possible lives that will be lost to stop the most evil person since Adolph Hitler and for most of the world to be against it, but I feel it must be done. It is equally as troubling to me to see the value of money and/or political affiliation over that of human life. I am constantly thinking about World War II and whether or not after the bombing of Pearl Harbor if the American People at the time would have as easily have forgotten that attack as apparently most of the Hollywood elite and the other protestors have seeming forgotten 1993's attack on the World Trade Center or more importantly the destruction of the World Trade Center in 2001. I believe that our President is working in the best interests of the security for the citizens of the United States of America and the citizens of Iraq that Hussein is holding, for the most part, in fear. One of the greatest freedoms in our country is the right to free speech and opinion. I just hope that these rights are not being abused to leak stories that could bring potential harm to our soldiers that have been sent to protect our great nation.

On that down note -- See you Monday.


Xyon is a student at East Tennessee University who is currently humming comedic Tim Wilson's tune.."It's a Sorry World" and is trying to figure out why Hussein was giving chemical weapons in the first place (instead of traditional weapons) to defend his own miscalculations when he was losing to Iran in the mid 1980's.

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