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Thursday, February 27, 2003

10:51 AM

Inspirations to My Slackerness

The new blog obsession exploded on the scene and I found out about it from my good friend Rex. At the time I couldn't understand it because I never pegged him for doing much with computers. He surprised the hell out of me when I found out and what a wonderful surprise it was. So with his help l created this blog which will be a year old in June. I raced out of the gates blazing, posting everyday, and really enjoying every minute of it (which I still enjoy posting). But I found myself getting burned out of posting every day and that l led to not posting for weeks then months at a time. I then realized that, like anything else, this is a commitment of sorts. Even Rex wasn't immune, going day and sometimes over a week without a post. The one person I have been extremely impressed with is Skycry's dedication to his blog. Ever since I have been blogging, his blog has been constant and consistently updated which is a hard thing to do. Keep up the good work Sky, because you keep the inspiration going for the rest of us slackers.

10:35 AM

Some things being said over at peterdavid.net

In the post just below this one I mention I have been reading and posting a lot to Peter David's blog recently. Here are some excerpts of what I have been reading and my replies...

Italicized words are Peter David (PAD)

Concerning Buffy the Vampire Slayer....

Although there's one unfortunate relapse into Buffy "People are going to die!" speechifying, tonight's ep was more emotionally driven than plot driven. We get a quick overview of Sunnydale High's Most Horrifying Hits, including a wonderful riff on the Invisible Girl episode from season 1 that rewards long-time viewers with a reference that only they will fully appreciate. These days where some people expect comic books to cater to fans with the attention spans of fruit flies, it's nice to see a long-running series that doesn't hesitate to exploit its own rich history, sometimes in almost throwaway fashion.

Andrew finally grows up a few notches, forced to come to emotional grips with the evil he's done. Plus his Rashomon-esque turns on his time with the Evil Trio are a hoot. Yes, granted, we've seen that kind of thing before (including an entire Jonathan-centric episode, "Superstar"), but it's always fun when done right. From the deftly edited redo of last season's climactic blowout with Dark Rosenberg (took me a minute to realize all the Willow material was unchanged) to the deliriously insane "We are as gods!" that almost makes you wonder if that's how terrorists imagine the eternal award that awaits them (serve 'em right to be stuck with Jonathan, Andrew and Warren. You wanted virgins? You got virgins) proves that it is possible to write eps of BTVS that can capture some of the old charm.

The Spike/Wood subplot is starting to bubble over. I give it one, two eps at most before Spike has *got* to realize the principal's out to kill him. And considering Spike's characterization seems to have dead-ended, I'm *really* worried about his longevity. Damn. If he gets dusted, I hope the coat doesn't go.

I'm really starting to think the main reason Kennedy was introduced was to make Dawn less annoying in comparison. And I thought Buffy was just a little too blase about a student's head exploding. That *is* what happened, isn't it? I know she's seen a lot, been through a lot, but a studen'ts HEAD EXPLODED. And she's commenting he should've had a foot rub? Maybe she really has been doing this for too long.


my contributions -

I think the Spike / Principle Wood storyline is all a set up for Spike to go evil again. I think Spike killing Wood would sent him over the edge, causing his new soul to snap and not in the losing ones mind way. Espically if they plan to keep him around next season when Sarah Michelle Gellar is reported to leave the show. I've read reports where Eliza Dushku (Faith) is rumored to take the lead role next season. IF the show stays around it will be interesting to see how they step up the gang as well.

Also is it just me or is Willow acting a lot older than her age? I know they all have grown up and matured, but she is seems to me as already an old witch.

Posted by Xyon @ 02/26/2003 10:40 AM ET

Concerning my comments on Willow -

Willow has always been on of my favorite characters and it is disconcerting to me for her character potrayed in this manner.

Posted by Xyon @ 02/26/2003 10:45 AM ET

and concerning Smallville - there was a lot of discussion about this show while still in the Buffy thread because Peter David hadn't commented on the show yet - the jist of if was how good it was and how much everyone liked the use of the John Williams score from the Christopher Reeve movies (incidently Mr. Reeves was a guest star on the episode last Tuesday, which will be repeated on Sunday afternoon at 5pm on WB) and I contributed this:

Agreeing on all points concerning Smallville. What about that Superman theme? Wasn't it fantastic! The crisp sound of the trumpet sent chills down my spine. That show is continually suprising me. It is by far one of the best shows to ever be on and for it to be about one of the legends of the comic book world just gives comics even more credit as a viable medium.

It will be interesting to read the good Mr. David's comments about this week's episode.

Posted by Xyon @ 02/26/2003 02:58 PM ET

So - Peter David commented on the show early this morning and he wrote this:

02/27/2003 Entry: "SUPER DUPER (SMALLVILLE)"

I was planning to discuss "Smallville" anyway; just didn't want to do it the same time as "Buffy." But a Smallville discussion seems to have broken out over there anyway. Maybe I should just start doing double BLOG entries after Tuesday nights. (Hey, Glenn, any way to move the "Smallville" related posts over here?)

Anyway...one hell of an episode. Spoilers to follow...

Mythic. That's what this episode was. Mythic. And what made it work so well is that we've had a season and a half of a young, "earthy" Clark Kent trying to comprehend a series of adolescence-related changes that make zits and voice cracking look sick in comparison. The producers brought Superman down to our level. And now, for the first time, Clark gets a big heaping glimpse of his potential. To truly comprehend where you're going in life, you have to know where you've been. Clark now has an inkling, and the future is beginning to open up. Except teens don't live or for the future; they tend to dwell in the "now." The fact that he was staggeringly overwhelmed just from the slightest inkling of the truly stupendous destiny that awaits him rang incredibly true.

People keep comparing best moments. Was it the brilliant concept of having Chris Reeve effectively pass the torch in a role that I personally would love to see recurring? Was it the wholly unexpected and deft use of key Superman signature music--the Krypton fanfare when the Kryptonian lettering is revealed, the echo of the main Man of Steel theme minutes later?

For me, no. For me, the best moment is Clark's concern that he might succumb to the precept of power tending to corrupt, and absolutely power corrupting absolutely...his father's subsequently embracing him...and then the look on Jonathan's face as it becomes clear that he is thinking, "What if this kid really IS supposed to conquer the world? Am I the equivalent of Hitler's father?"

A daunting prospect indeed.


It is very neat and fun to be able to interact (somewhat) with someone you have great respect for and wish you had just a little bit of the storytelling fiction talent that I think he has...

9:51 AM

Been Reading and Posting on peterdavid.net A Lot These Days

I have been neglecting my blog as of late. I have been blaming work/school/work schedule somewhat unjustly. Granted, yes, I don't get home until 10pm most weekday nights, but I do have access to computers/internet at almost all locations. I suppose I am still in a funk about doing a lot of writings these days, but I have been reading and posting to Peter David's blog site as of late.

Everybody who knows me, knows that I am a big fan of Peter David's books. Whether it is his tremendous Star Trek books, Sir Apropos of Nothing books, comics I used to read religously, or other books he writes. About the only Peter David stuff I don't read is his Babylon 5 novels and it is not because of him, it is just me not getting into Babylon 5.

Starting last TV season, I have started overloading myself on TV. I am not sure how or why, because I used to watch only a very little TV. I suppose I am in one of those periods of TV where I am enjoying a lot of the shows. They have finally made some connections with my interests. I have found out the two of my favorite shows, Smallville and Buffy The Vampire Slayer are two of Peter David's favorite shows and he posts his opinions about the weeks episdoes and allows and encourages fans of his to join on the discussions. So that is where I have been lately. Playing fan boy, which is ok but I am enjoying it.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

10:04 PM

no harm no foul

great nothing at all happened. that is not entirely a bad thing either....going home from ETSU --- Lights out...

9:37 PM

Let's see how bad I can screw up this blog. Gonna try something - see if it all goes to hell.

Hopefully it will all go well....but usually that is not the case....

7:48 AM

It's a Wonderful Life

Mon - Fri --7am - 3:30pm --- Regular Job (City of Johnson City)

Mon - 4-6 Teacher's Assistant (TA) work
6-8 Natural Resources Class
8-10 TA work

Tues - 4-7 Film Critism Class
7-10 TA Work

Wed - 4-7 Special Topics in Film (Hong Kong Action Directors)
7-10 TA work

Thurs - 4-7 Film Genre (Film and the Great Depression)
7-10 TA Work

I am ready for Spring Break in a major sort of way. Hopefully I will add more here soon.

But I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Twilight Zone Episode that this entry is named after. The one with Bill Mumy ("Danger Will Robinson") -- well, they did a follow up episode last night (It is Still a Good Life). I have it on tape and am eager to see it. I hear it is one of the best new Twilight Zones. It has the real life daughter of Bill Mumy (played by Liliana Mumy) as his daughter on the show. I hear there is also another follow up episode to a classic one that aired on the second half of last night's episode but I forget which one. Maybe after I watch the episode from last night it will jog my memory.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

8:59 PM

Wet Snow

Wahoo! It is snowing again and i am sitting at my computer staring off into the church parking lot's street light mesmerized. I love the snow. Espically when I am safe at home, not having to brave the weather until the morning...grozt, why couldn't it be Friday night.....

Today was not a bad day. It was cold, but not COLD like it was a couple of weeks ago. Flurry or two throughout the day. Then all Hell broke loose. I head to class and it starts snowing pretty hard. Looks like Knoxville is getting hammered as well. We will probably be 2-3 inches when it is over because I don't think it will keep the pace up it is currently at. Nice East Tennessean there ending that sentence with a prepostion.

I may be heading to Chattanooga tomorrow night to see a 4 band line-up at a club there. I will go on these long way down and back in one night if I am not driving, and I will not be driving. But the 2 headliners sound prettty good from what I have downloaded(Chevelle and Trust Company). The other 2 I have not remotely heard of, nor do I remember their names.

In my film class, Film and the Great Depression, we watched Blonde Venus, 1932, directed by Josef Von Sternberg. On of the 7 movies he made with actress Marlene Dietrich. It also starred a very young Cary Grant playing an atypical immoral role. He hadn't quite made it big yet, but soon as he did he was not allowed to play charaters like Nick Towsend; a self absorbed millionare playboy who falls for the luscious Helen Jones/Faraday(Dietrich) and pursues her even though she is married. I didn't think they did that in the 1930's! LOL!

I thoroughly enjoyed the black and white classic. I would like to find a second / third rate theater to see these classics on the big screen, they could do these from a DVD projector or something. I am seeing all kinds of old movies being rereleased cheaply on DVD.

That was the day - will have another one tomorrow if I am able to leave here in the morning...As of now I don't believe that will be a problem.

12:54 AM

Edited Out Story

Last night I wrote a long piece about what happened last week. I mentioned in my last blog "...after last week, it was peaceful," speaking of last week. I have decided to take what I wrote out for now because of legality reasons. Suffice to say, my brother has a crisis on his hands and I really believe it will all be solved before long, but I don't want to write something here detailing his situation until it is resolved. So I will repost what I have taken down later. If there is the slightest chance that what I put here could be used against him (because it involves the law - what I believe to be false charges - he said / she said domestic dispute) it is too great.

Monday, February 03, 2003

12:34 AM

Weekend Happenings

And so another weekend comes to a close.

The terrible tragedy that has befallen our nation this weekend is again reminding us of our frality as we tip toe into space. For another space shuttle to be strewn through our skies is as terrible of a tragedy as the first. One I remember far too well. Columbia, with all your problems, you were just not able to be fixed. May you and your passengers live on in the minds and hearts of those who loved you and in my mind as well.

This weekend was a pleasant one. After this last week, it was a peaceful.

Friday after work I made it home and put in my Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and played it until my friend Larry came over to watch Miracles and a few other programs which I had on tape to watch. Miracles is a darkly intriguing show. Kind of a X-Files meets the Catholic Church and ending on a twisting point that might have something to do with borderline evil. If it is evil - then it is a subtle evil that will come out over time. Using the same plotline from Stigmata, an investigator sent by the Catholic Church to investigate (and usually disprove) religous phenomena. Add in that the faith of this investigator is shaky and the fact that after he files his first "true" account, the Catholic Church discards the incident out of hand...and the twist of evil? That is near the end after we see visions of what could be demons and a crafty individual who gets the investigator to work for him at the end to set up the rest of the show. According to this show, miracles apparently may not be always the result from something good. My Monday night at 10 o'clock(ABC) is now taken.

Another show we watched is Veritas:The Quest. (Monday at 8 - ABC) also looks promising. Think the 'Jones' family trying to to rewrite evolution. High tech Archeology with a hot little tamale (Cobie Smulders) as the tutor to the "misunderstood" son of the head archeologist (Alex Carter) who is continuing his wife's work after she mysteriously disappears some 10 years before. It also has The Mummy's Arnold Vosloo as basically a body guard to the archeologist. It's a bit of a stretch for the plot, but was fun to watch. I will give it a few episodes.

Then we stopped the VCR tape to watch the show Fastlane. Ok I admit it. I watch this one because of the women which are usually not wearing that much. This show is a pretty shallow cop show, aka, race 'em and shoot 'em up - but dammit - it is fun to watch. Sometimes I think we get so wrapped up about a show actually meaning something that we forget what television is all about. About fun. This show is just fun. Hot women, hot cars, and lots of action.

After Larry left I put back in Vice City and played until I was tired and went to bed.

Saturday I lounged. I haven't been able to do that in quite a while. Vice City all day (with the occasional break) until I made myself go to Wal-Mart to buy a new microwave. After 15 years my old one finally wasn't working well enough to justify having it burn more popcorn or burning edges of food while the middle stayed cold.

Sunday -- well Sunday was full of suprises. My friend Johnny came over late Saturday and took advantage of my guest bedroom so the drive on Sunday to Roan Mtn would not be quite as far. After he had gone to bed I got a terrible case of insomnia. I played Vice City until I was about cross-eyed so I go to bed only to toss and turn for about 30 minutes. I figured I would go watch something and get tired that way. It is about 3am and with no sleep in my immediate future, I put in the movie Boondock Saints. I had been meaning to watch this movie for months. I really enjoyed this movie and recommend it for anyone who has not seen it. I had forgotten what it was like to watch something recommended but not know anything about it. Anyway, I liked it so much, it will be that movie that I do my next paper, a paper on humanism. I think premediated murder of "evil" people is pretty humanistic.

Later I ate a new Japanese restaurant, went to the flea market, and visited with my now ex-roomate Hippy. Not too shabby of a weekend.

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