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Monday, October 28, 2002

1:14 PM


Damn - It has almost been a month. I didn't realize it had been this long. Lately - My schedule is super busy these days. Sky - yes, If it was possible I could use an extra hour or two in a day...

This past weekend I went to Richmond, Kentucky to see Lennon on her new tour. I wrote up something that I posted on the message boards at Lennon Online. I figured I would go ahead and copy and paste what I wrote here.

Road trip from Johnson City, TN to see Lennon in Richmond, KY

An impromptu road trip by 3 of my friends and myself had us roughly 250 miles away from where we live to see the 3rd show on the new Lennon tour in Richmond, Kentucky.

While Lennon's show was great, I felt that the night seemed rushed. MF Hooligans has to follow strict city ordinances saying that they can't sell alcohol after 12am and, according to a bouncer there, everybody has to be out of the building by 12:32am (according to my source, this includes employees as well). I am still trying to figure out where :32 figures in to the equation - leave it to city governments to be seriously fucked up.

Anyway, we arrive at MF Hooligans at 8:30pm thinking the show might have already started since there were three bands. After talking to some people in the club we find out the first band was scheduled to begin at 9:30 -- After some quick calculations on our fingers, we figured between the time it would take to break down and set up the stage that each opening band would only have roughly 30 minutes to play with Lennon having an hour at best.

The first band, Generation, had some familiar faces (go Techie!) but the lead singer seemed to have an Eddie Vedder complex. The way he sang and sounded wys too Vedderish. At first it was interesting to watch - but by the third song it was getting old. I did like the music though.

The second band, Lucid Grey, kicked ass! I think these guys will break it big. They had great prices on their CDs for sale -- I ended up getting 2 CDs and a band sticker for only $8. I wish they could have played a few more songs as their set seemed like it needed a few more songs.

Ok, now was about 10:45pm. With only 1 hour and 15 minutes left until the bar closed - Lennon had to get their stuff set up and do a quick sound check. They do a a great job rushing to set up and start playing about 11:05pm. It seemed that the microphones were having trouble because from where I was (on the main floor where the tables are) I couldn't hear Lennon's voice real well. So I make it down to the floor and before long I am right up on the front row. Best seat in the house.

Lennon's show was awesome. It still seemed that the microphones were having trouble but it sounded better (looked too) from up front. The new material is great and I eagerly wait the release of the CD.

I am glad she got away from Arista Records because it didn't seem that they appreciated her for the artist she is. I am not sure how long her show is normally - but she squeezed in every song she could in the time that was left.

As soon as she left the stage - the lights immediately came up and bouncers started screaming, "GET THE FUCK OUT!" Very subtle.

I loved Lennon's show - Her new music is awesome - Lucid Grey kicked ass - I even liked the little dive location -- BUT if they have such strict laws in the city about drinking and club hours, they need to start the shows earlier so everything is not so rushed.

Johnson City, TN

"Only living for what had been and will never be again" - Lennon 5:30 Saturday Morning

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