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Sunday, June 30, 2002

12:35 PM

The last 24 Hours or So...

Friday night was a rough night. Check that, Saturday Morning was a rough. Friday night, I saw some friends I haven't seen for a couple years. I also saw some friends I hadn't seen in almost 10 years. We call ourselves the Frank Clement crowd. Most of us were at ETSU in the early 90's and stayed in residence hall Frank Clement.

One of own own, Jason Cunningham, was due to get married on Saturday afternoon. While Jason and wedding party were finishing preparations in Morristown, part of our group went to the Olive Garden to eat. Chris Norwood picked me out around 7:30 and we met them at the restraurant.

When we arrive at the Olive Garden, the group we were meeting were all standing outside waiting to be seated. A friend that I had seen when we went to Beach Mtn a few years ago - Jim Lough was there with Mark Goff (it had been 7-8 years since I had seen him), Steve Maiden (8+ years), Ken Proffit, who wasn't in Frank Clement but was Chris' roomate for a couple of years and my Probability and Statistic instructor at ETSU. Ken was unexpected to see but still nice surprise. There was one other there but I don't remember him too much from Frank Clement and I am drawing blank right now.

After we left Olive Garden, we headed to Gatsby's for a few, ok not a few, beers. Joey Cross was there waiting on us. Joey and I have been friends since kindergarten. Shortly thereafter the bachelor in question Jason Cunningham showed up with a crew of people. By this time (after 12) I started getting a little (ok, a lot) hazy on who all was still showing up. I do remember Rich and his wife - but that is about all I really knew, I think.

After a little longer at Gatsby's and after most of the crowd had turned it in, a small group of us, Jim, Joey, Chris, Mark, Steve, and myself head to Toothless Hoes (Shoeless Joe's). We close that place down then get everybody to Bristol that was going there and myself and Chris back to JC. Extremly long, but quite enjoyable night.

Saturday evening I go to dinner with my folks who are taking me out for my birthday dinner early because I will be out of town next weekend which is my birthday. I am still pretty hung over and drink glass after glass of water. My chance to get free drinks from my parents is shot becauses I just can't stomach to drink. 'Hair of the Dog' was an option because I probably could have drank after the first one, but I decided against it. Damn I am getting old.

Just got a call from my good friend Larry Brewer and we are heading to Sevierville to go to a Knoxville Smokies game. He is an autograph hound and I have never been in the stadium there. He also wants me to help him get autographs for his collection, which is quite impressive. So I am off again....


Friday, June 28, 2002

10:46 AM

I have put up a comment section for the end of the posts, but as of right now I am not exactly happy with it.. I will probably be changing it soon.


9:19 AM

Remember Where You Come From

I just read the post from my friend at DAMNDIARY concerning the Methadone clinic coming to Johnson City, TN. Excellent point!

At least someone is coming to their senses concerning the Pledge of Allegiance. The latest news is that the judge who ruled it was unconstitutional has put a hold on the enforcing of the ruling indefinitely (Story).

Don't take me the wrong way. I am not trying to enforce religious beliefs on anyone. To me, it is a matter of history. If we lose our history, then we lose ourselves. Like my mom always said, "'Remember who you are and where you come from."


Thursday, June 27, 2002

8:52 PM

This post has been edited from its original "test" message mainly because I didn' want the first post to be "test." Now I have the first post being about what I didn't want the first post to be about. I had a little trouble with setting up my blogger template page but hopefully now it is fixed. So this is my first blog message - dated on 6/27 at 8:52:54 pm (which is still wrong because the actual first message was at 3:00pm EST on the 27th of June which was the orginal post that has now been incorporated into the Header.) The time of this repost is 8:29am EST on June 28th but it will hold last nights date because it won't change the date in edit mode. sheesh - what a freakin' complicated first post. Still trying to figure out all this blogger stuff....


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